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Laboratory tests, such as blood tests, are essential to your health. They are an important way for your physician to screen for disease, diagnose, treat and monitor your medical condition.

Laboratory staff will explain all procedures to you. Please ask your physician if you have any questions regarding the laboratory tests. All of our medical technologist staff are trained and certified. We use the latest techniques and guidelines to ensure specimen integrity and to protect the safety of our staff and patients. Your laboratory results are strictly confidential. 

Department of Pathology & Laboratory

Patient Information Section


Making an Appointment

Appointments: You don’t need an appointment except for some tests that require preparation and fasting. (Call the Laboratory for some instructions.)

Remember to bring the requisition for tests signed by your doctor and your health card to Information / OPD for approval. If you do not have a health card, bring any of valid id, such as a driver’s license, etc.


Tips for patients coming for lab tests

1. Fasting is required for many laboratory tests. If you were told to fast before your test, do not eat or drink anything for several hours (usually 10-14 hours) before the collection. In most cases you can drink water and take your medications, but check with your doctor to be sure.
2. Please come to the lab wearing loose clothing that allows your sleeve to be rolled up past the elbow.
3. The busiest time of day at any of our hospital blood collection sites is first thing in the morning. Many of our patients require fasting blood work and arrive early in the morning. If you are not required to fast, try coming later in the day when wait times are usually much shorter.
4. If you are coming in just to drop off a sample and you do not require any blood work, you still need to speak to the receptionist so that we can ensure that all the paperwork and labels are complete.
5. If you see some patients arriving after you, but being served before you, it may be because they are returning for a “timed test” which requires them to have their blood collected at a specific time. Please be patient.
6. For glucose tolerance testing, you must stay in our blood collection area for a period up to three hours, during which multiple samples will be drawn at timed intervals.

Fasting Hours?

         6-8 hours (No Food and Water Intake)

         10 hours (No Food and Water Intake)

         10-12 hours (No Food and Water Intake)

         6-8 hours (No Food and Water Intake)

         No Fasting Require

Patient Instructions

Update: March 20, 2023

The following collection instructions are intended to help you collect the correct specimen for the test your clinician has requested. First read the instructions carefully, make sure you are prepared, and then follow each of the steps to ensure proper collection.

24 Hour Urine Collection Procedure​

> Read Instruction

Midstream Urine Collection Procedure (Microbiology)

> Read Instruction

Sputum Collection Procedure

> Read Instruction

If you are required to drop off a sample at the laboratory, please check that the following information is on the sample (and legible):

  • Full Legal Name (Valid ID)
  • Date of Collection
  • Time of Collection
  • Age / Sex

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